Ever since I was in medical school, I would sit through lectures and presentations and wonder how they could be done better.  To say I was underwhelmed and uninspired by many of them would be an understatement.  My first foray into the area was "how to use powerpoint more effectively" with a special emphasis on what I refered to as "medical PowerPoint".  But it didn't take long for me to get bored with teaching the technical aspects of how to use PowerPoint because I recognized a greater challenge - many people didn't know when to use PowerPoint (or more accurately when NOT to use PowerPoint).  

This led me on another journey to teach my colleagues (and anyone willing to listen) about "how to give effective presentations".  In the last 7 years, I have shared my thoughts and opinions on this (through I hope what were effective presentations) with colleaguse and Faculty in Emeregncy Medicine, Family Medicine, Anasthesia, Obstetrics, Nursing and other Health Professions.  I have presented at education conferences, Emergency Medicine conferences, Faculty Development events both natioanally and internationally.  

For more information about my work and thoughts on the topic, have a look at an article I wrote "Does PowerPoint enhance learning"

Penciner, R. Does PowerPoint enhance learning? Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2013;115(2):109-112

Have a listen to a podcast that my good friend Anton Helman from Emergency Medicine Cases produced on "Effective Presenting" with myself and Dr. Eric Letovsky ... a master presenter.

Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast. Episode 80 - Presentation Skills with Rick Penciner & Eric Letovsky, April 2016.

and checkout my pages on this site on

"The 9 words you need to know for a more effective presentation"